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Thursday, July 18th, 2019


Be First!
by August 19, 2017 Articles
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i, ceased; a, long long time ago to take anything for self; what, is wealth for others; and, as far the wall is concerned can you have an innerstanding of where no walls are; love, is; for, love is when a vacuum is; isn’t, this where you fall in? So, a wall is the opposite of that; isn’t, it? And, where has a wall ever worked in nature?


What, impact such as the wall has on healthcare; isn’t, this master this servant’s servant and love is you being in your receptivity; what, in this great lands beloveds healthcare exists that you rid the modern day of all forms of self and externally imposed slavery for isn’t love and affection you’d read more is the cause of you to be living with your body eye open; in, the path of hollow bones an emphasis is on your totality and a self perfected form of slavery only would have been an idea of something being perfect or things are growing by attrition; for, can you clearly see how the ego could have been perfectly driving you as this beloved towards what is other than sane;
For, all is sound; playfulness, is this child leading you all the way through life; such, is timeless where formlessness is equivalent to power; you, are in i awareness and transformation is for you beyond you just getting this simple information; you, can have a deep insight into analog and have collected evermore; you, have acted upon healthy doubt; isn’t, love where no walls are?
Where, a wall is what does impact does the oppressiveness have as a symbol? you, can’t tell me such isn’t impacting healthcare yet can there be simple ways you and i are ridding modern day slavery? timelessness, is for you now not having been falsely kept for your sanity couldn’t have been either; for, life wouldn’t have been total; for, where you are in deep bliss; such, is the rising up from your having a calmness and smoothness; your, voice is rhythmic and cholalic; timelessly, you remain relaxed; such, isn’t gradual yet is more explosive in your acceleratedness of love; for, this is our response back which is your communion; and, this isn’t a communication like you’re some slave; for, every word used is of a physiology to hang silence from; for, even as the fragrance of a rose you can have suddenly become aware of the wall;

The, wall you not being i aware is modern day slavery being modeled and certainly you cannot tell me this idea wouldn’t have been having some impact on health as the way being played out; for, isn’t it better that my words to you are liquid as poetry and not too fixed as science; you’re, calm and rested living in delight? For, if you’re not in your total you; integrated, associative and congruent; isn’t, this a top of self imposed slavery? For, isn’t this you who is i is renounced of whats manufactured that is other than essential for this i you know you are isn’t possessive; not, being a slave is you being in your non-possessive abode being changeless; rather, than having been in the pursuit of such through novelty; you, are able to consider what can be transformed; you, and i can be living more in awareness and life being more abundantly; for, whats inside you are moving toward is “this” and “that” is outside and away from you and heaven you feel is hanging around me; such, is the energy that is transforming hell; 
Love, is as a vacuum where you fall in and energy wall there is going to impact in your hearts health care and could you be by reading this; you, can be getting an idea of how to read modern day slavery? You’re, evermore becoming i aware; for, such is a gift that you and i as beloved cannot be possessed of your living in the gap between the beats;
love, jubb david

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