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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019


Be First!
by August 30, 2017 Articles
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The, vestibular sense in whole brain functioning you are taught; is, the sense which is connecting the other senses together; and, is the first sense formed on earth; this, assists regulate two types of tonus; the, vestibular sense is the organ which let’s you know information about your whole body movement; words, like “forward” and “back” are vestibular and the balance and condition of whole body movement relates to your equilibrium inside; and, in your meditative state; you, are able to remain integrated; associated, and congruent;

All, states of your not feeling in balance; including, in your sensory processing strategy the degree of tonus applied accessing centers of your brain, and the vestibular sense is your organ of connection and that incorrect application of the vestibular sense and submodality; changes, what outcome you could be received of radically; all, memory learning and behavior is state specific and incorrect use of the vestibular sense behaviorally can be the cause of ones debilitating stuck states; also, symptoms of one’s ability to be employable; for, having ease of the application of the vestibular sense causes you to easily be associated to resource states and to disassociate from stuck states from impoverishment;
All, stuck states only occurred because there is a sensory system deletion in your processing style; cloud, would apply various initiatives to elicit your ability to individually initiate and partner and your capacity to be good in team building; how, the vestibular system is being applied in your sensory motor syntax which is the building blocks of your state; can, have allowed you to feel balance and even where you are you could have elicited balance; you, can be taught Whole Brain Functioning preferred modes of sorting information coming into you that can allow you greater genius;

You, associate as you’re moving toward and you’re using the vestibular sense this way and your locus of control is within an integrated self of i; simply, awareness which is empty that you you are perceiving; when, you “turn” the “brightness” up can chase more to jump toward you visually and become bigger; this, can cause you to remember greater than something small and dark turned down; and, this is the use of submodality of the vestibular sense which is turning direction and deceleration and acceleration
Everybody, knows a larger brighter picture that’s put higher up versus lower down is influencing your state; in, whole brain functioning as you apply the body to access state specific behavior this is called analog sculpting and this is you sculpting the sensory motor complex; each, submodality of the vestibular sense as each sense is of a distinction within; a, state change occurs because time “slows” down or time could have become sped up again; the, master of self is you who has mastery over this kinesthetic self and this is the primary teaching in the Toltec tradition of analog and behavioral change;
You, should know ninety percent or more of what’s going on is analogical; so, what you can have been feeling; listening, to and observing can have been enhanced via taste and fragrance and tactile field; the, vestibular sense that you are in equilibrium you are integrated that a parallel processing is you are congruent in your moving “toward” what is excellent and away” from what is other than excellent; your, brain like mine is universally registering importance or not and as discussed here; the degree to which one is associated inthe now or having gone around being disassociate as you’ve learned to chunk things down; you, have learned to have rapport and pacing and leading; you, are able to chain resource because any stuck state can have been collapsed;
Applying, the vestibular sense accurate via time distortion and layering and the use of direction; a, new meaning and context can be shown you; the, state you are in determines the behavioral outcome you can achieve with yourself and others;
Direction, and turning and whole body movement; words, predicate the vestibular sense and relate to your spatial orientation and how nouns and verbs are modified to each other; your, experiencing of life is still silent and transparent; you, can have learned how to get rid of phobia; clear, unwanted condition behavior via learning a frame for change work to occur; and, skill level in whole body calibration which is being able to calibrate what’s happening outside the body with what’s happening inside
New, behavioral generators can be installed; yet, in whole brain functioning you be the most skillful in innerstanding of the vestibular sense; studios, of space psycho graphically exists around the body and in such studios of space; information, is stored and retrieved; and, to this note; the, vestibular sense is applying the tonus to the other senses; pleasure, and interest cause whole brain functioning and integrated states of being; provided, the resource state is large enough you could have collapsed all stuck states in to that;

Remember, what is positive is plus one and what is negative is minus five; your, task is to elicit whole brain functioning in those around you; aversion, only creates limited mind function; cloud, taught me insights of timelines to see into the future to transfer states of excellence into one contextual condition into another; how, you exit you’ve not been displaying a hesitation pattern; walking, across a log you may have difficulty letting go your base of support;
In, a whole brain functioning training you learn an enormous array of transformational patterns; you, learn to recognize whether or not a beloved is engaging ones writing reflex; most, stuck states behaviorally occur because ones writing reflexes has been over run by egotistical conditioning; you, can skillfully apply the vestibular sense to provide a blowout experience; one, becomes associated to what isn’t cared for and disassociated from what is problematic;
The, length of inspiration through your nose and nose breathing and a voice which is not nasally; is, evidence of congestion not being present in the semi circular canals and the inner otolith and saccule; cloud, would take a comprehensive calibrated observation of how you are applying your sensory motor complex; and, you’d recognized what needed be put back and apply correctly for instance; who, is in a stuck state is in internal dialogue and vision has been omitted and what is associated is not resourceful and only limited mind function can have existed
Your, cross crawl patterning is a test of your brains capacity to have crossover processing through the corpus collosum; awareness, is beyond wakefulness and includes the subconscious; in, awareness you are perceiving information yet the mind isn’t able to interpret; such, inflation for any meaning consciously for what you can be conscious of in any one moment is unreliable; you, can only have seven plus or minus two chunks at any moment;
In, a state of excellence timeless is; like, you’ve gone for a drive and just arrived; you, can recall the journey though you’ve suddenly arrived and time distortion exists for what’s happened; the, smell of coffee and baked food out on the road is going to subliminally pull people in; males, are able to sense the fertile time of the female ovulation cycle via pheromone; and, how something is placed within your visual field can cause what you are conscious of to be a distraction to images more hidden and even appearing not as ordered or so common place that you can have easily overlooked; no, one can say that sound vision and feeling is not in the television industry; most, companies care how consumers are feeling about the prospect of a pleasurable feeling about what is purchased; sound, can be put into visual pattern that mask and lay down where other sound is laid over the top;
You, would have to be excellent in skillful embedded commands and conversational postulates and modal operators of possibility and rapport building anchoring skills; to, anchor states you can get a handle on parts you can assist integrate; you, can learn to forward information and bypass conscious objections; pictures, and words can engage an economy of scale; your, state can be conditioned whether you are internally or externally oriented and referenced; how, balanced you are in such; yet, learning is occurring without you necessarily being perceptive of such;
You, and i are applying modal operators of possibility noting your rapport as you professionally assist; via, your inflection and what is marked out and signed through your body language is all what is called giving of via inflection; you, are not having to be completely overtly direct where you can have the ability to gracefully disagree; are, you learning how to apply the vestibular sense in change work?
Check, out the path of hollow bones for more about the application and building blocks of behavior at and learn all memory learning is state specific; ok?
Love jubb, david xoxo

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