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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019


Be First!
by August 30, 2017 Articles
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Should, you not discard all traditional standards? Isn’t, the idols and all puppetry you have in your home owned by someone else? Might, that not be this eclipse movement? Might, that not be the face of least resistance and i awareness? In, i awareness you are not a thing; nor, a behavior of sinfulness and thoughts; for, such can only have been of a behavior of simultaneous and sequential incongruence; with, evidence of you being in a mind quagmire; yet, multiplicity and novelty being congruent; is, joy; for, as you can see

All, desire is you not being in i awareness; for, me to hear you say you have a higher self/lower self; and, not using the vestibular sense in an outward lived mediation; all, whole body movement is vestibular; energy, in motion is a primitive language; and, even language is actually patterned motor movement; and, all word originally come from actions; yet, only applying such with stress; which, is up or down states; your, not knowing that aversion causes limited mind function; and, is minus five in a bank of energy; where, what is positive is only plus one;

That, you don’t know how to chain states to build back resource; was, you not living in an outward lived meditation; for, a desire is merely a reflection you can see; and, even as a thought isn’t you; nor, is a behavior; you, have not got traditional standard; and, a hodge-podge of idols; that, you have no living awakener around you; yet, that no compulsion was to satisfy; for, in i awareness timelessness and unchanging emptiness is your absolute state; that, you have never yet inquired into who you are; the, question who am i? nothing, yet has been given up of all; yet, the one question kept; who, am i? Can, give you i awareness where you are; more, in perpetual bliss; versus, your personality having been obstructing your friends having been gathered around you;

Striving, is being your real nature; and, striving such i have inside; such, isn’t set by any external condition; for, even one condition that you have; you, no longer have intimacy after that within subject; conditions, block you from being intimate with any subject for isn’t it by waken “god” or “allah” in you; and, this happy face; you, hear and see me given a heart and mind; wasn’t, you having been bailed out; your, external idols of who is dead; show, you to be a has been; and, other stuff show you to be a wannabe; but, can you be with warmth and blood?

No, peace is worry of virtue and sin thinking; and, you’d be only identifying wrongfully to particulars; and, having missed the bigger picture; being, identified to a particulate is what your stuck state has been; you’d, have to stop imagining in your head; and, go beyond illusion; for, your heart is desire free; can, you get rid of your false idols owned by someone else? Certainly, those are not part of this living movement; yet, are you like me and everyone else not under a symbol?

Vanity, functioning for ones own sake; you’re, going to be in an explosive havoc; you’ve, only been with a deceived self; and, i want you to know; you’ve, made all worse on your own for acting out on bad internal ideas; blasphemy, and rumor is violence done; and, i see you have no control much of your mouth; isn’t, all done for own sake; and, not for the sake of something else? You’re, simply in your style have told everyone you don’t want to be here; and, that is a mental backward state; and, you mostly have sabotaged; you, do that as a pattern; for, you around me burned now up; you, make now war and wield property; and, to say “that’s all you gave”; yet, nothing of yourself could you have said you gave; you, are too petrified; holding, on a false identity that all the little statues and paraphernalia represent;


For, all are under symbols; not, language; you, don’t know your applying someone else’s owned fake idols as statues? All, can see where you are inducted; yet, for me; Cloud, said; “you, should be under the banner of the family;” so, someone’s chant has been also far away from this i you know you are; you’d, have killed timeless now; and, you and i; for, fictional things had in your head that you know you must stop; you, and i do this work for its own sake; this, is me in the movement; you, are not to alienate braves; that, come in from the field to assist this happyface; from, each other; and, from letting me be given what is alien to all; even, yourself; for,

The, symbols of eclipse; and, face of least resistance; is, not for the sake of something else; obviously, someone can walk into your home and they can know your discrimination and perfect detachment instantly; and, all can lose sight of mental being; for, pure bliss arises up from this natural state of i

As, you’ve seen what is attractive; you, wanted that; yet, if you’re hearing me; you, would hear me asking you; who, is it wanting that? My, perfect natural state; is, of being no mind; not, you telling me stuff to have occupied me; i, would not have been free in the field; yet, don’t give with any condition; for, that’s not giving to anyone but a condition; and, under a condition; most, of my braves would scatter; you, are going to see me being of no mind; and, a name “nay-me” doesn’t exist; all, of “that” is illusionary only;

“Purpose,” you’d have is totally wrong; such, implies getting better from being so good and apparently; you’d, be moving toward a false idea of perfection; that, i would hear you say so much; and, this is not what’s total; your, selfie style is your true obstacle; yet, if you can follow me here; your, greater freedom; is, for me to assist model freedom; from, primitive urge satisfied of fiction; that, only a war on now would be a consequence of your selfie; and, no care but war on a body; like, you see mine; that, triggers your accumulated apparent sensation burdened self; better, be my body is not there; for, you’d have to have listened to me; because, that’s all you’ll have ate; my, body is not there; how, about being nobody yourself?




Jubb David



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