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Friday, July 19th, 2019


Be First!
by August 31, 2017 Articles
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Have, you got a teacher? You, would hear me ask this question of you; i, can tell you a bit about my life; some, four years of apprenticeship and five years of travel with my benefactor cloud; you, can see me mention my awakener in this work; when, i was with cloud you would see me give all my time; i, was simply doing this and by putting in your all you become awakened to all; inner, and outer words of the wakened one; such, a beloveds words made your own;

For, me i first learned four stories verbatim; i, would not leave a single word out of clouds story; words, for life taken in; you, have personalized from an outer source as is your benefactor; i, remained obedient to my benefactor’s command and being attentive to life; is, this supreme awakener as i; you, can have this happyface inside which is not discernible much; yet, such is the rock turning everything else; you, would have a task devotion in a great depth of your persistence and perseverance; such, is not a worship of a mind nor person; being, with this greatest master on earth which is the master of self; self, is the source of i all is flowing inside of;
Who, can you point me to is who is awakening you or someone you are modeling who is excellent? i, awareness is still silent and transparent; for, reality is this i which is beginning-less and is beyond the limitation of experience; this, is you in motionless being; that, is not you in a somnambulistic trance yet some imperfect spiritual condition is what the matter is to you; and, sometimes it’s what’s not the matter for in i awareness no fear is; so, you are love;
Reality, is a nice word but isn’t an experience for what is real is unchanging i; what, is fictional is changeful; i, awareness is you who is real for this is which is indescribable perceiving that you’ve been in a wakeful state and you could have been in a dreaming state and also you can have awareness that your mind is a deep state of sleep; yet, such is you in a state of dual being; only, you which is empty space is absolute;
You, being in i awareness is this which is real and not a stagnant stop; this, is non localized and not in a centralized condition and such awareness is over the other body states as indicated of your mind being deeply asleep; dreaming, and wakeful you can see wakefulness certainly is a limited state of being where you are only aware of seven plus or minus two chunks of information; so, as you can see;

You, who is real is who is aware; this, is who is perceiving; this, is so still you can feel a blade of grass a thousand miles away moving; and, so deafening silent you can hear the background B flat of the universe and so transparent no light is between you and i; for, who is i is you who is perceiving who is free of mental construct of feeling sound and sight; you, are not in memory and your worth is not on some piece of paper or only as a small image of thing in your head; you, can’t be; so, in talking further obviously;
i, as a savage is neither conscious nor unconscious; yet, you who has perception which is real; and, this is the political message; this, is you living without a mental conviction; this, is where you are free of memory and anticipation; for, i in you is beginning-less and the cause of all sufferedness is the wrong imprint of addicted thinking;
A, limited self identification gone and so is any stuck state; you, cannot have been frustrated; you, forward no mental condition; unity, isn’t frustrated by any mental condition; what, has frustrated you be only by your expression not only being integrated in i or in rapport; so, can you follow me for what you learn is what to live and not be in concern or mental construct; all, you’ve been in is an internal dialogue kinesthetic loop as a stuck state; can, you take a look overall and exit where you’ve been?
Your, mind blinded by i without any am as in the east; or, am without i in the west is a cute trick to have a mind spitting out endless threads of a negative inducted economy that is typically obstinate of opposition defiance and is a form of domestic terrorism yet in this writing to you; i, take time for you; you, can feel me reaching out to you to give you what i have discovered precious; you, can see i lift my hands in your name; the, seat of i awareness grows in the night side of your life; and, in darkness stillness and first silence; is, until the moment is of such a pointedness;
The, moment you’re not predictable you’re not free; i, is the space of you being wakeful dreaming and being deeply asleep inside of and yet; you, like me; can, be bending every instant and in the Toltec tradition of a shamanic way of being; cloud, would instruct me all is an initiation into this order; stop, undoing yesterday’s work by what you do today because interest and pleasure create whole brain functioning; integrated; associated and congruent ways to be; can, assist you most;
i, is a pure witnessing perfectly detached and a passionless wordlessness; and, in i; you, have your undivided attention into your personal universe you are the center of;

Love jubb, david

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