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Friday, July 19th, 2019


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by September 3, 2017 Articles
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Neoplasm, is defined as tissue beyond the economy of the body; such, has fermented lifecolloid spore inclusion; melanoma, is an example; and, all body condition is actually neoplasm; diabetes, is too; and, also cardiovascular challenge; neoplasm, begins were negative redox is reduced of the cell; and, the bio-terrain not kept; causes, fermented lifecolloid to assemble via; aggregation; fusion; and, differentiation (AFD); known, in colloidal biology;

Melanoma, is an example; where a cell, can have damage done from particulate lodged in tissue from injury; like, lipfiscun; such, destroy cellular DNA; yet, not your mitochondrial DNA; neoplasm, can had begun in the skin pigment; producing, body cells called melanocycle; which, produce melanin

Melanoma, tumor; basal cell; and, squamous cell skin neoplasm; often, begins in damaged tissue; where, dysbiotic spore has become included; a, oral lentiginous melanoma can show up as blackened or brown discolaratim; and, also such is found under nail; or, under the palm of your hands initially;

Prevention, is a life long task; you’ve, to have proper blood-borne inhibition; that, natural buffers are present in your blood to buffer against caustic environmental change; Jubb’s, 4nr was developed in the late 70s; that, approach hasn’t changed over many years; since, I learned the secret of what causes neoplasm to not be formed; and, when it would have been; what, to do to assist you clear such up;

All, disease is impacted by excessive phosphate; and, a low phosphate to calcium ratio; lifefood, can assist you can follow; check, out the articles written about calcium phosphate stone in the pancreas; and, brunner gland occlusion; dead-food loaded with bromide; causes, heavy metal toxicity; and, hypothyroidism; stop, eating food stuff that has been bleached by bromide; how, about learning more about lifefood and Jubb’s cell rejuvenation?


Jubb, david

Apply 4nr and Liver cleansing to assist recover healthy blood cycle

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