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Friday, July 19th, 2019


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by September 4, 2017 Articles
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A, hand above the government exists; messages, like when a weapon is applied to force multiply weather; the, event itself often has a lot of symbolism; showing, you how evil a condition is; you, and i have suffered by having a centralized foreign entity in direct contradiction to serving the public, so, Corpus Christi, Texas is symbolic of things because it refers to the body of christ; if, you look into the story of Hurricane Harvey; there, is absolutely no question that Tesla tech rays were applied; and, dramatic magnetic pulses caused a dome high above to form; allowing, the atmosphere to flow into that high point; the, weather is steered and effects all underneath;

Changing, the weather as a war tactic of a currency monopoly can be for its own benefit; elicit, and non social activity going on; flooding, mobile large SBX high aura pulsed ELF wave transmitter you can see the evidence of such being applied to steer the storm; meteorologic, evidence is present in super storm Harvey; Such, a force multiplied condition applying persistent contrail and scalar wave technology; a, mega rain dropper like Harvey can have been made to continuously cause falling rain to flood and damage; at, this stage; its, estimated this disaster is the worst in recorded history; and, is the border of what’s outside become more porous and ever more vulnerable since flooding is existed? Isn’t, this evidence showing Texas as a state to have been put upon by a hand above government? Texas, could be under the thumb to coerce any non-compliance into implementing planning and conducting what the agenda is of the hand above the government; so, obviously;
News, and events are created to distract and occupy; none, can say that Harvey is not geo-engineered; if, you haven’t gone to for verifiable news; visit, assist alm this movement for a public ledger of economic egalitarianism; can, you help share?



Can, you join into this fight of our time to usury? To, rid an old centralized system that doesn’t work? A, six hundred year old centralized verification of your banking transaction; who, president Donald J. Trump is working for; who, owns the country outside the country; you, have a monopolized hand above the government; this, is who the president works for; a, cell within a cell; yet, the most wicked thing is to have an oath to serve the public and then take a contradictory oath to serve a foreign entity;

When, is it ok for a public official to meet behind closed doors with private investors? Can, you go to eclipse and spread the word? We, have one lunar eclipse year to have a moratorium in government making new decisions in banking; can, we take the path of least resistance to rid the earth of this criminal hand above the government that is using weather warfare like hurricane Harvey? Wouldn’t you say the hand above the government is responsible? Such, a hand is responsible for a son on earth to not have this father;
Is, it lunacy that you are a ward of the local court under a court of guardians? You, are not the executor/executrix and general guardian of your own affair; usury, has only trundled along because you and i have allowed an insane system of infantilism; and, usury itself; is, the absolute cause of infanticide and my boy having been stolen from me; you, have a real Gulf of Tonkin Pearl Harbor Lusitania; all, are like a nine-eleven three-eleven sandy hook style and you can throw in a little false news too; but, mostly; this; is, state sponsored terrorism; none, can say Harvey was not man made;

Who, orders these types of state sponsored terrorism? You, can’t tell me that anyone can be allowed to have such a scale of economy to create white jail bars above you and i and reckon that’s fine to do; would, you say that to be deceived and controlled by confusion is ok? How, about if all that even had a name? This, is called having a “professional sports” day with you; you, would be kept ignorant of the real truth; you’ve, only got global dimming and engineered drought;

Signs, of the time; are, of a dying dinosaur; of, an old centralized; desperate-acted, war monger; acting, on you; outside, the country to control a state to be in a state of infantilism; you, can’t tell me or anyone that the fingerprints aren’t all over it; that, hurricane Harvey was engineered and an act of warfare ok? Who, ordered that? The, same people who killed the president or legitimized everything on downey street in london; is, this ok to have allowed? You, would be blind to not see the hand above controlling weather raging war and pigging all of us as a prisoner of an indigent government;Particulate; aerosol disperse from ships remained for weeks; and, yet you can know this is a global alert because such events are engineered; employing, ships to disperse weather engineering aerosol; such, is called in warfare; a, force multiplier as a weapon; you don’t think the white jail bars upstairs in the sky have anything to do with farming water or weather warfare? Can, you join with me to eclipse such dead concrete and plastic?

Mandatory, chemical cocktails for you to breathe and be injected by you’ve got to know is medicating everyone without consent; a, very dumb idea like a state sponsored kidnap of a child like my child dakota who hasn’t been allowed to have a father and government is only formed to protect your property; but, i still haven’t found a way to void a void court order; you, are living i na communistic country;

Government, is only formed to protect your property; so, what is trump doing down the pipeline? A, direct thermal heating is going on and do you really know that you and i are moving at the same time into an ice age by the year 2050?

.now is the idea of a public ledger; decentralizes, and verifies yours and my transactions free of charge; can you learn about the alm and maybe read about the white paper on the alm; for, all own .now equally as server and the alms creation; you, can i can get rid of a corpse running usury for private property; you, have got man made clouds getting brighter; for the size applied in aerosol is much smaller than natural particulate and together causes the color to be brightened which is not in a natural cloud;

There, haven;t been any natural clouds since nineteen ninety nine; white, jail bars in the sky you look up to; is, you and i having suffered geo engineered warfare and don’t tell me usury and the contradictory oaths taken like you’re serving a foreign entity; but, supposed to be a public offial; so, hey; something, very contradictory is happening;


jubb, david


Read, between the covers of the Path of Hollow Bones;

Connect, with Eclipse movement and take action in the data of this time;

Be, an agent of behavioral transformation to assist eclipse usury and negative economic inductance;

once, and for all time

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