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Friday, July 19th, 2019


Be First!
by September 5, 2017 Articles
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You, have a map inside wakefully got; you, can have an enriched model or impoverished; such, is only a representation of reality yet not reality; the, map that you have inside can be you in your i awareness which is beyond what anyone might only have been awake to; you, can be aware you are in a wakeful state yet what is wakeful is merely a memorized string of events for only what can have been recalled; and, as such as that was only of a very limited set for such is limited to seven plus or minus only two chunks of information in any one moment; i, is you being now without any mental construct;

You, being able to be aware is real; now, perception itself is mere sensation and not actual listening; yet, just sound as sensation; awareness, that you are perceiving being in a wakeful state and awareness you are in a deep sleep and or dreaming state is this which is real; this, is you who is of awareness beyond those other three states; you, are in i awareness existing all the while; you, could have been in one of the wakeful deep sleep and dreaming states; only by having thought that; you can see now as you were looking at that which was a limited state of being; this you is unlimited, now obviously;
i, who is aware; this, is you who is real; this, is you and not a subject or place; a, stagnant spot geographically; awareness, is beyond what you do what you say what is written; for, such is only dead and fictional for you who is real; in, i awareness this i is beyond mere sensation; for, any inanimate object as a pen on the table can perceive the pen is dropped yet the table and the pen without awareness is really only a thing; for, you who is i aware is real and that which isn’t of awareness as a thing; such, is only an imaginary and cannot be aware and isn’t you who is real; an, object and a thing isn’t eternal; for, this is i as empty space which is forever as stellar; such, is as this whole universe flowing inside self;

Cloud, two children awakened all to heaven on earth and awakened all to this which is eternal as i; such, is your i aware state and being observed in balance as this i; an, equal portion exactly is this i as is empty being i balance with the other half exactly; as, matter; as, this is the body of care; as, your with this which is the matter to you; so, further discussion can show you;
In, the east all are taught about i yet not am and in the west all are taught about am and not i; yet, this toltec awakening is you being in your balanced being where both i and am is equal to each other exactly; so, in discussing things further; today, as this is written to you in the path of hollow bones such can be for you of this awakening of an outward lived meditation as i and am together is in a balanced relation; a, fifty fifty balanced timelessness in being; this, i in you is indelibly lined up as being your mutually beneficial self you are ever more associated; integrated, and congruent in your being of life; fully, living to your total potential;
What, is really you is real you are not conscious of what you have been in your wakefulness about doesn’t necessarily describe you and nor is such; for, this i is you who is real being aware and that is not what you have had been aware of; consciousness, as been discussed; and, wakefulness along with dreaming and deep sleep is of a very limited phenomenon for any thing that could have come into the mind; merely, be as a reflection; merely, be a memorized string of event that comes and goes;
This, is i who is changeless for being amongst what is changeful and as i is being empty wasn’t born yet; is, merely as blank; background, canvas an artist would paint on; as the body as am; for, what is real is permanent and unchanging and is independent of your body and what is real; such, bliss bubbles from nothing in this i aware state which is you who is immovable behind which is movable which is you who is still; silent, and transparent of all happening;

A, changing stream of mental objects as a reflection that i as a subject you cannot be nor can you be a mind or a person as an idea you could have had of self could have been incorrect; you, are not a behavior or an attitude and self dedication feeling and being in your own body isn’t you for this body mind and spirit; is, of a non localized nature that you are not always with; as, indicated above; such, is a map you have inside and that isn’t this territory; such, is a mere proximation made by brain processes thats preferred as a mode of sorting information; via, you having had to generalize and to have deleted and distorted to have ended up with that now; this, i is not you as a spectator or witness; separate, from the object you are looking at; that, would have only been you in a state opposite of i awareness; all, that would have only been you in dichotomy;
i, inside you can have been imagined wrongly was born and that was only a fictional idea engaging a memorized string of events only; you, could have been taking that on in life only; what; came from fiction and ignorance; yet, you can be more i aware in your being; otherwise, you have only been with what is mortal;
am, is your body which was born and would die; combined, with this i which is eternal as empty space; being, the seat of awareness and is independent on time and space; which, is merely temporal; this, i is eternal which is you who is real; and only in the past; a, wrongful self identification with am only as a body and not in balance with i; can, have always been the cause of your capacity having been limited to be not total; for, as i can have only been regulated as a thing; merely, and imagination only as a mirror of reflection; you, are not;
Can, you see this i as a cinema screen as a background canvas maybe where the artist and painter can have a play offering sound light and dark; for, such as that is temporary put into this space of i who is real is i aware yet what can have only been impressed within this i isn’t you and is merely as a reflection and such is obviously; not, you; for, you are i aware in whats real not fictional which can not have awareness by comparison; therefore in i awareness this i is eternal and perpetual and is of a timeless quality of what is actual being about you; you, cannot have given yourself to be an event or a thing; in, i awareness this you in your original state beyond such without beginning nor end; everything, else is temporal; as, you are in i am you are in your balance; fifty, percent empty fifty percent in what is the matter; which, is i am which is i care; you, being in i awareness is you having no mental construct;

love jubb david





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