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Friday, July 19th, 2019


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by September 6, 2017 Articles
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Have, you seen all the prototype striker that is a network centric computer battle generated at the helm; all, run by remote control; and, enormous amount of rail and road transportation over the last few years has been spotted; can, you see that by having a monopolized scale of economy like a goldfinger you’re looking at a corporate overlord who can destabilize the world by pulling currency out of the economy; and, when you listen to such a goldfinger you can hear a voice saying that the goldfinger is reducing exposure to united states assets; why? Because, goldfinger knows things are collapsing; you, will hear big words like appropriate timeshare risks and “quantitative easing” and “currency accommodation” yet goldfinger is playing the united states economy;
Double, negatives show you controlled opposition is existing for instance; to, the agenda; unethical classifying of projects for or against; pro, meaning anti; do, you know what an oxymoron is: words, like holy and war put together or words in the medical mafia industry like  side effect; the, weather war that is flooding Texas targeting all as a controlled collapse of the united states on the world stage; right, now if you don’t have a moratorium you will see goldfinger shifting massive amounts of money around; like, grandparents before him; stealing, all beloveds savings; such, a goldfinger tweeters around with social engineering packages like controlled opposition which two days is carried out legally by the smith-mont modernization act; brainwashing, the mind; and, you as a captured audience as a captured herd of an accepted goldfinger message to subvert and undermine all;
A, sheeple to a grave; compulsive,
vaccination and a lot of false messengers; apparent, pundits; but, wolves in sheep’s clothing; many, have
language full of value judgment; without, ethic and no room; do, you know how much silver is mined today just for weather engineering? You, gotta know its toxic put into a nanoparticle state; in, nineteen ninety nine in Indonesia; hygroscopic flares get underway using pyrotechnic composition to produce clouds and rain with an application of potassium perchlorate magnesium and sodium chloride; desiccated, to be in a dry powder state and pressed together with a a hundred and fifty kg/cm2 with shellac; such, toxins were fired up into the clouds; studies, of such were complete in nineteen ninety-nine in Sorowako; toxicity, induce by such nano sized particle is toxic overall and is dependent on dose and exposure yet such definitely causes react oxygen species and compromised immunity;
Stay, tuned for another article why you should be alerted white jail bars in the sky are trapping more heat in; you, can’t tell me that all thats not to do with weather warfare today and the controlled collapse of beloved on turtle island here;
jubb david
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