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Friday, August 23rd, 2019


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by September 8, 2017 Articles, Video Updates
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You’re, not going to say that you’ve not noticed; how, most pundits who have been syndicated are as part of a monopolized media have redacted questions; about, hurricane harvey being man made; those, media pundits; have, redacted questions that relate to thermal heating; and, the impact of weather engineering that created hurricane harvey; as, a Texas man made disaster; is, this disaster what actually undoes the hand above the government? such, a dastard act evermore than even nine-eleven; because, fingerprints; are, all over weather monitoring systems; hurricane, harvey is; and, was man made; such, covert facts can’t be ignored and is not a theory; without, eclipse having its effect;

You, can go to and check out the eclipse action plan; for, hasn’t it been a likely global dysbiotic future; of, a would be monopoly under a corpse commercial code; and, an external entity thats fictional; has, been applying usury and infantilism; to, use our beloved; to, produce the white jail bars upstairs in the sky; privately, farming the water and controlling such; for, the overall profit of a corporate overlord; under, usury such a centralized private puppeteering of the president from a hand above the government; that, runs the corpse for it’s own profit; not for you or i; 

in,  seventeen forty nine; two, hundred seventy parts per million of carbon dioxide was found in the atmosphere; and, today; is, four hundred and ten parts per million; now, you should know that such a statistic when you look at it; was, for over a million years between only two hundred to two hundred and seventy parts; you, gotta know that what’s going on is equivalent to heightened volcanism; and, such hot has gas is aerosols to create more cloud cover; causing, more blanket thermal warming; and, none can say that darkening the skies and widening the land hasn’t contributed to increased sea temperatures; certainly, there is three point fiver percent more moisture as a result; and, the warm water is what’s now feeding such monster hurricanes to arise; and, none can say that scientifically ever more thermal heating and hot house conditions is existing; greater, and greater unstable climate; so obviously

Companies, as corporations get funding from the hand above the government; who, are the weather makers; a, cell within a cell; like trans-pecos weather association, in pecos texas; such, a company as are many; such, in texas; are, being involved in firing flares of dosages of glaciogenics and hygroscopic flares; where, silver iodide cures ice crystal in cloud; and, such causes buoyancy; invigorating, cloud updrafts; and, seeding versus unseeded; dispersed, by land sea and sky;

Such, pyrotechnic flares; already discussed are in a powder desiccated state; and, shellacked; and, the solution is all powderized; and, a binder is combined; pressed, as indicated by one hundred and fifty kg/cm2; and, pops excessive heavy metal toxicity into the air and atmosphere; none, can say toxicity is not being induced by such nanoparticle; and, such is not being dispersed equally; and, is the cause of compromised immunity according to dose and exposure; for, such causes reactive oxygen specie and is totally unnatural;

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