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Friday, August 23rd, 2019


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by September 10, 2017 Articles, Video Updates
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The, power of applying Whole Brain Functioning [wbf] is in a behavior learning; memory, is state specific; meaning, this is engaging an associative conditioning; meaning, communication is the response you get back; and, don’t you care to get; a, whole brain functioning response back?

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Whether, or not you can learn; rapport, how such is cooperative and congruent; or, how such overlays as a re-frame; and/or; an actual loss of rapport; so; as, an interruption; to, get what you want; you, put your time in rapport building; this, is your ability to access wbf behavior which is in your listen-response; you, can learn to do such by applying principles of listen-speech; taught, in whole brain functioning trainings within the path of hollow bones; as, you can read;


The, Whole Brain Functioning epistemology and analysis herein is from this researcher’s approach; established, during doctoral research at N.Y.U. in investigation into mood; and, cerebral hemisphere processing; researched, in the 80’s and early 90’s; particularly, analyzing pleasure and aversive mood; and, the lateralization of body movement and then some; now; keeping whole brain functioning in mind;

You’ve, elegantly learned how to disagree; and, can learn to correct other than excellent communication; this, is central in rapport building; so, co-creativeness is what you have; for, rational sourced conversation as universal and not personal; nor, individual; interrupting, with rapport and relational neutrality; rapport, designates an i-aware discourse; engaging, active enthusiasm; this, is of a positive effect; perfect detachment is remained;

You, make a connection and others open up to you; so, disagreeing can be with elegance; this, is done by practicing and learning to empty self; with, care for a desired outcome of a congruent response; congruent, sorting is parallel processing; pleasure, and interest engage whole brain functioning; aversion, shuts down brain functioning; causing, polarized responses; so, as you are learning;

Your, brain has evolved a frontal cortex; this, has grown out of anatomy implicating interest; this, behavior is of a timed contribution; a, timed; pace; and, then lead to see you have rapport; ok?

Interpreting, by having rapport is respectful; and, not indicative of indifference; yet, support and a supportive emphatic response got back; however, time needs to have been of a pacing to be able to have rapport; for, when the structure of turn taking with each other is less than serving all; one’s turn taken response could have been over ridden as challenge is clear of logic; and, a challenge is existing for what’s relevant; is, reason; for, anyone to do something; truth, is expressed as this which is mutually put; in, i awareness; you, convey a mate-ship with the listener; so


How, about continuing this outcome orientated congruent response; for, the restoration of common law and constitutional currency? How? By, having gotten involved in ending usury; war; and, unnatural competitive pressure from that has been monopoly; this, outcome is forwarded with positive economic inductance; check, out the ALM constitutional electronic currency; and, start a pre-launch account at and, be first in receiving initial alms offering; you, have this living wage for basic needs; and, all time spent is equivalent to creativity;




Disease, of the brain can easily be observed; and, this researcher has catalogued and observed such empirically; disease, of the brain can be shown to start in utero; meaning, during embryological and fetal development; and, such can be shown that the degree of wbf and the influence of neuro-transmission; impacts, transgenerationally and epigenetically; impact, on our nervous system and behavior is environmentally conditioned; studies, show how pleasure and aversive states impact brain region and development and the brain’s shape and size and the way the brain is being applied; all, impacted by your physiological and environmental conditioning;

lifefood, can cause a child to be born with very high brain to body weight versus a much smaller brain; definite, asymmetrical development of temporal and frontal and periotal lobes show normal functioning where no such asymmetrical hypertrophy is existed; excito-toxin, from the body’s stress response could have altered your memory learning and behavior and even your deferment of gratification; and, sexual specific behavior; is, an example of shopaholic and tv addict kind of conditions of ward and punishment and alters how much dopamine and serotonin you have;

Condition, reward and punishment and levels of anxiety and degrees of associatedness; all, correlate with transgenerational brain development and such behavioral change can have occurred over a of span some three generations that has been observed; exposure, to environmental nu-toxin as xenoestrogens in dead food; found, in the embryonic stage; has, been observed by empirical research to decrease normal levels of appropriate anxiety level; and, increase abnormal anxiety response; such, endocrine disruption when exposed during embryonic gonadal sex determination; can, have promoted epigenetic reprogramming as to the onset of a transgenerational disease onset; and, states of such as one can have grown into adulthood; observation, shows when confounding variables are removed; impacts, on development where abnormal stress response was; can, show up generations afterword; you, can read more about this in the path of hollow bones;

How, the brain works to influence behavior; influences, the size and functioning of areas of the brain such as genes that regulate the septal and amygdalic regions; septal, is responsible for pleasure; amygdalic, responsible for aversion and inhibitors; hippocampus; is involved with your short term memory recall; and, as you can see; what, is influencing axon guidance influences long term potentiation; yet, by applying a more i aware state you are assisting more have whole brain functioning; you, can have made better choices in consuming more lifefood and clear away neuro-psychiatric disorder; might, the time we are living in not be as supportive as it could be toward whole brain functioning?


Hey, how about looking into this researcher’s work on the brain in the gut?

The Brain of the Gut is Hard Wired to the Brain Upstairs: Impacting Mood and Well Being



Pleasure, and interest stimulate whole brain functioning and aversion causes limited mind function; stress, hormone and nu-toxin impacts brain size upon birth and afterword; and, is influenced by the mother’s nutrition and whether or not; you, are received of your mothers milk in the first years of life; and, regions of the brain have long nerve cells developed from the brainstem to the neocortex and for girls; the, brain is mostly developed upon both yet for boys such continues to mature to be equivalent postnatal; your, ability to be able to know what the time is; to, know the spatial location of things; where, things are; your, ability to be relevant in a topic; and, your focus; is, dependent upon an organic neurological developmental maturity;

Whole, brain functioning patterning in your parenting as you have the ability to be developed and you can read the path of hollow bones and learn about the wasichu effect; which, can be seen to have influenced the shape; and, related neurological tissue; you, can have; such, can be seen that atrophy is to be abnormal; atrophy, that such basic anatomical components relating to your ability to process pleasure and interest; versus, only having been aversive; either, can have assisted you to remain integrated; or, the opposite; for, instance;


If, you look at the picture in this article you can see that the septal region of your brain is the tissue connecting your limbic region or motion center; with, the frontal cortex; which, is your ability to inspire creative influence of the future and log new information; and, have short term recall for such; yet, short circuits of the frontal cortex and left hemispheres being engaged is shown where a lack of serotonin and dopamine could have existed; and, a great brain to gut connection is involved; you, can have been depressed and lacked motivation or have procrastinated in parts of life; yet, this can have been changed around; in, whole brain functioning; interest, and pleasure give you a front back left hemisphere whole brain pattern; equivalent, to a brain of a normal size and dimension; so; if you could learn new patterning; this, is possible to have changed what can have occurred; you, have a greater intelligence to have gone beyond any preset fixed pattern to have survived; for, instance;


The, septal region connects your frontal cortex and left hemisphere with the midbrain so the back and front become connected to each other; and, such is displayed where normal size and dimension of brain is existing; yet, as someone learns what i awareness is; learning, also impacts the type of whole brain patterning you can have; so, obviously; the, frontal cortex and temporal lobe and parietal all engage attention and focus and as the brain develops; these, are more the last lobes to mature; for, as you become an adult; brain, usage evermore assists cause more hardwiredness and you are more able to remain focused or not;

Pleasure, and interest stimulate septal region function; and, integrated expressed receptive speech; however, aversion can have stimulated neurological inhibiting of the septal region; and, activated amygdalic tissue to have grown and become which mediates aversion more and neurological inhibits the septal pleasure region of the brain; one, system overrides the other; you, should know anything negative is negative five in the bank and anything positive is only plus one; you, who is whole brain functioning inspire and transpire this faculty in others; this, requires a complement of the hemispheres of your brain that pleasure and interest give you; so, this is engaging spatial functioning in your right hemisphere and sequencing behavior in the left hemisphere; this, is complementary being engaged in memory learning and state specificity of behavior; because, brain function is causal to behavioral disorder etiology;

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