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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019


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by September 15, 2017 Articles
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Extreme, weather that is chaotic and super storms such as Irma and Harvey in the news at the moment; are, examples of force multiplying nature; this, chaotic condition engages man made increased moisture content (up by four percent since nineteen ninety nine) land ocean and air aerosol is being applied; along, with radio frequency transmitters such as SBX; to, nudge a natural disaster along;

Recent, earthquake swarms have increased for multiple reasons; including, HAARP activity and geo-engineering involving water being dumped in areas like the mid-Madrid fault-line; if, you open source about this you can see that you should be prepared to be a few months off the grid; increased, earthquake activity is happening recently in the new Madrid fault line

Every, single artificial vapor generation is done by applying aerosol; this, is being used as water terrorism; the, great American eclipse; heralds in a transformation away from the monopoly; the, currency monopoly and the hand above the government having had such control; as, weather modification; and, atmospheric radio transmission; is, being applied to create these catastrophes as an act of war; tons, of catalyst to shatter any market claim; beloved, can have become broke;

As ,you look at the new navy map; this, is showing an entirely new coastline; the, new Madrid fault line is sunken and oceans are all coming there; and, the recent navy map of the magnetic field has shown that the entire planet; recently, was blanketed and a huge magnetic anomaly has been going on during this time; so, as you can see;

Evidence, is existing of microwave transition from facilities owned by the hand above the government; all, cataclysmic storms in recent past have been steered; in, the recent moment since nineteen ninety nine and earlier; for, it was in the seventies that the weatherman project got under way; what, you are looking is nothing except patented geo-engineered product as aerosol; what, reason is existing for an illegal gag order on the population with such catastrophe?

Unprecedented, temperature anomalies you can presuppose; exist, between the east and west side of turtle island; you’ve, got a record shattering heat wave on one side; and you’ve got barometric and radio magnetic tomographic recordings; showing, turtle island is being split in half; and this is not something that has occurred before; such, is an anomaly like there being a vacuum in the gulf; you’ve got low pressure zones and high pressure zones; which is not of the natural pattern;

Record, shattering heat waves on one side of turtle island; and, record wet as flooding on the other side; and, trillions of gallons of water drawn up by atmospheric vapor generation; you, can’t tell me that the sixty two thousand water vapor towers world wide that are nuclear generated energy; isn’t, also part of steaming turtle island up; that, is part of the four percent increase water vapor that we have at the moment; ok?


With, pesticide vaccine GMO and now shock and awe weather warfare; the, recent wrath of storm that have come before HurricaneJose evidence such; yet, too numerous is the evidence of hurricane storm being geo-engineered; have, you looked at the enormous persistent contrail over the African coast from where most storms originate? You, would see a biosphere destruction currently and planet earth is being assaulted by weather warfare;

Essentials, needed to have life are being recklessly made obsolete; and, massive plant and animal die off has been happening; engineered, drought and earthquake warfare is catastrophic;
Have, you knowledge of the methane time bomb as an artic death spiral? As, ice is melted off Greenland; an, enormous amount of thermal runaway methane gas is being released more and more; so, as you are now more aware;
This, is to create ever more greenhouse gases; also, raising water vapor to create ever more cyclone activity; on, a grand scale; so, pictures from outer space are worth a thousand words; and, too numerous such is existing; to, deny that geo-engineering is not possible; the, evidence is particulate manipulated by radio frequency; hurricane, manipulation happening severely off the African coast line where most storms originate from; this, is evidence of a climate atrocity;
Symmetrical, non-natural patterns show up in meteorological radiographic magnetic imaging; transmitter, signal patterning is far too obvious; and, artificial; as a definite finger-print; so, are all the water vapor particulate dispersant seen on the land sea and air; all, disrupting the natural hydrological cycle of the earth;
Can, you assist eclipse such geo-enginee

ring by a hand above government? Discover, how you can become an agent of change between the path of hollow bones and take personal responsibility for the Genesis of Peace; by, ridding usury once and for all time; ok?
Love jubb, david


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