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Friday, August 23rd, 2019


Be First!
by September 16, 2017 Articles
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All, done in the plain sight; you, can trump remarks on the London, United Kingdom blast; you, are to have had “professional sports” played on you like a kink room; like, a lawsuit details actually; all, spy-ops done in plain sight; weather, warfare tech startups are unscathed; the, first page of news is about business to expand the hand above government; a, theater of operation is like this “country’s threat against this country’s threat” being re-assessed; 

Black, shirted mission to blaze a bit of glory around the earth; you, have false opposition like some bipartisan jester and that stuff is just a firestorm because you’ve got state sponsored terrorism and crisis actors and enormous amount of wether modification equipment; like, sandy hook the Boston, Massachusetts massacre and the Aurora, Colorado batman cinema; and, a large portion of Fukushima; all, psy-ops on you and i; would, this come to be that the blast in London like Pearl Harbor or the murder of the president; isn’t, also a psyop?
How, much distraction do you need to not know a hand above government is existing? None, can say that the recents bombings will not show such was being watched; because, when exactly was something not watched in the past like bay of tonkin? Such, sleeper cells are in alliance in a cell within a cell; controlled, by a scale of economy; beyond, victims in psyops like a 9-11 and 3-11;

How, much of our own manufactured equipment is being dropped back on ourselves or someone else? You, have a tremendous scale of economy raising war on each beloved; with, a programming that “the end justifies the means” which is completely immoral; and, comes from learned helplessness;
A, hand above government; above, alphabet soup land; that, as a corpse is dead; you, and i as a thing in the court system; judicially, is dead underneath; applying, technology to manufacture weather that robs you of all your essential like Harvey Irma Katia and Jose is; is, this okay the recent engineered crimes are being watched by who is behind the machine of state sponsored terrorism?
Nano-particle, dust laser ionized directed; via, magnetic pulses; you, can know a scale of economy is existing way beyond any other single beloved; allowed, another to own the whole kit and kaboodle; don’t, be a butterfingers with this information; ok? Aiming, radio frequency at doped nano-particulates dust like barium aluminum strontium and titanium; is, this your own equipment being applied to compromise all; to, take away what is essential?
You, don’t have a first amendment right to speech that harms others; this, is common law that you can’t; yet, where is common law in America? A, hand that is paid for both sides of all wars gives just a little more to one than the other; you, obviously have shown interest up to this point; go, to eclipse and subscribe; you, can view other posts and you can assist share; you, find this work valuable; might, you consider your contribution to the Genesis of Peace?
Love jubb, david

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