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Friday, August 23rd, 2019


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by September 16, 2017 Articles
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This, is a fact in lifefood nutrition that when what’s non-lifefood is introduced; nu-toxin, such as this can impact and vary disease; in, colloidal biology talk is about how energy is also created from the vacuum; and, that calorie-in and calorie-out isn’t the be-all and end-all of weight loss; for, such a nu-toxin brought in from non-lifefood can have been a molecule been wrong that caused insulin resistance; this, could have been an indigestible protein and be inflammatory; such, a nu-toxin could have been non-conductive and also a ph-stabilizer and negative-rare dox destroyer; so obviously;

A, superstitiousness of materialism is a wrong track; for, maybe attention should be more to keeping your bioterrain; for, being an apparent healthy weight doesn’t necessarily correlate with disease prevention; sudden, heart attack can strike someone seemingly fit and many “healthy” beloved can be noted to have succumbed to a neoplasm; so, would you agree?
Optimal, vitality is a lifestyle; beyond, just the weight you are keeping; eating, you should know; is, triggered by subconscious stimuli and neural circuitry; activation, what is consumed that is non-lifefood won’t trigger any aliesthetic sense much; satiation, signal isn’t; no, proper bio-feedback exists [aliesthetic] as you’ve; only, been on a non-lifefood diet; runaway sugar; indigestible protein; and, rancid fat and heavy metal; nu-toxin, incurs insulin resistance and ever more diabetic metabolic pathway disease; so, as been discussed herein colloidal biology; is, a very unique angle taking science beyond simple superstitious materialism; twenty-six, grams of protein is produced by lifecolloid in your intenstine every day; so, as discussed further;

Superstitious, materialism of what’s eaten that calorie taken in is equal to expenditure; such, generally could never equal all body expenditure; actually, you would have to consider how energy is harnessed by the open structure of mitochondria and plastid in biology; for, a positive flow of magneton is existing through and throughout connective tissue;


Macro-nutrient, in lifefood has condiment as lifehydrate; lifecolloid, jubb’s flora grow; 4nr, sun dried sea salt; citric acid, all impact appetite and stimulate satiating; clearly, a hundred calorie meal of like a car bent the wrong way isn’t natural; lifecolloid, generate energy from magnetics such as light; radiation, chemically salt; pressure, and temperature differentials; membrane, structure in biology act as occulting circuits and capacitors; and semi conductive silicon chips; and, is this a little like a hybrid car thats running of hydrogen today?

Therefore, non-lifefood is made out of a myriad of nu-toxin yet what you eat isn’t supposed to cost you anything in life food nutrition; yet, in non life-food like sugar bent the wrong way; that, artificial form of hydrogen isn’t able to assist you register or cause proper satiation; your, aliesthetic sense isn’t properly set to have bio-feedback relating to satiating from an nu-toxin;
So, obviously hormone and brain function is affected to cause a brain-gut connection; you, can learn about lifefood vs non-lifefood consumption; you, could learn that distant metabolic pathways are involved obviously; talk, here in lifefood; this, research is observed that the complexity of metabolic pathway isn’t accounted for; a, radical oversimplification of calorie-in; being, equal to calorie-out; so, optimal lifefood nutrient consumed is low phosphate; low glycemic; devoid, of strong indigestible protein; and, prepared easy to digest; has, no rancid fat; can, you see disease prevention goes beyond calorie-in and calorie-out?

This, can be seen that; cardiovascular, connective tissue and metabolic diabetic condition can have been succumbed to; is, this possible that whether you are overweight or not; all, non-lifefood eaters have a metabolic syndrome? nu-toxin isn’t a calorie; and, on another note; you’ve, can have calcified your mesentery organ for even food eaten isn’t really a true healing therapeutic; so obviously
Isn’t, thinking floored highly; you’ve, disregarded the effect metabolically? Disregarding, nu-toxin in non-lifefood via calorie counting and content merely; and, disregarding metabolic challenge existing; for, as nu-toxin was being consumed from a non lifefood lifestyle being over or underweight is not a simple matter of calorie counting; you, could learn more about this by getting a copy of jubbs cell rejuvenation and anyway;

What, about colloidal biology? Where, energy is being tapped from the vacuum; for, when you take a look at

scalar magnetic function inside mitochondria and plastid [in life] these tap energy from the vacuum; and, all such exists via a phase conjugation; exciting, and organizing plasma spinning in the vacuum of such fifth dimensional structure; so, as being discussed further;
A, bidirectional harmonic magnetic scalar/plane wave is being perpetually applied timeless and producing a standing wave force that is existing; such, a structure is existing inside mitochondria of your cells and such is an open up gate/sink for energy to be tapped in a natural radiant energetic dynamo design [RED] so in conclusion;

Such, a RED design is of no moving parts; and, is tapping energy directly from the vacuum of space; this, author is the inventor of a radiant energetic dynamo; as, a solid state device that successfully taps energy from the vacuum thats modeled upon; biology, does the same; so, can you see calorie-in and calorie-out might not be such good idea and that maybe something else is going on; might, you learn more about lifefood nutrition and jubbs cell rejuvenation being about upstream cleaning?

love jubb, david xoxo

So, hey don’t get stuck in materialism ok?


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