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Friday, July 19th, 2019


by September 21, 2017 Articles
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Is, it moral to produce research; and, have conduct that is about your and my property not being protected? For, is it okay to via persistent contrail and aerosol; a “corporation” has been ordering dispersant of aerosol; to, eliminate the “god like gene” VMAT2? However, isn’t it that government is only formed to protect your property; yet, do you know who is behind the world wide corporate machine? That, has been applied to environmentally attack you and i at this moment;

You, and i have right(s); while, a “corpse” as discussed here and in other articles; has, only a privilege; responsibility, and a duty to protect your property; you, the living inside such an office; is, supposed to act as a independent third party neutral witness; and, act with reasonable prudence from your own perception; not, to be found negligent and with misconduct; because as you can see right before your very eyes; property, existing is clearly not being protected; so, obviously


You, and i have a right of action; and, a hand above the government is dead as an entity (alphabet soup land corporation); that, has no central organized nervous system; and, as an idea from a group of people “that” is engaging beloved in spraying a form of spore; designed, as an “out of the box solution;” to, apparently eliminate religious fanatics; via, a vaccine applied biologically in your brain; that, has been shown in its design to eliminate the VMAT2 gene expression; such, has been dispersed through aerosol; like, the vesicular stomatitis spore; called VSV287; that, is found in the rhabdoviridae (rabies) spore; and, such is being dispersed along with Nano particulate sensor swarm; smart dust; nanotags, and co-opted insect; all, new novel ways of population control; so, in discussing this further

Neuro-toxic, compound; like, high doses of leboline, and N1, 2 dihydroxypropyl analog; inhibits, this “god like gene;” and, inhibits this nerve transmitter function of spiritual inspiration; and, disturbs methamphetamine evoked feelings; and, impacts dopamine release; involving, your motivation to get things done; and, impacting, your selective uptake of serotonin and dopamine; it, is well known that piperidine alkaloid of lobelia is shown to inhibit dopamine uptake; many, lobelia alkaloid have been made; and, experimented with showing teratogenic and fetotoxic effect on population

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  1. I can see those weird squiggly things in the air. Blue/green algae is the only thing I can take to take away the brain inflammation, feels like a pressure headache, although, at the same time, my head is vibrating. Makes me feel super irritated and my emotions numb.
    I’ve researched the horrible side effects of rabies in humans, the combination of rage and sex is pure evil. What does this mold spore need to combine with to duplicate such evil? Can you give me more info, so I know how to protect my children.
    Your pro-biotic, is by far, THE BEST, I’ve ever come across. I see such a difference in my kids-mentally, emotionally and physically.
    I never thought the day would come, where “life force” would become a privilege verses our birthright.
    I’ve been reaseaching for 5+ years, just to know how to keep my kids healthy and capable. In the process I’ve discovered many things within myself. I’ve seen many aravedic, eastern, western doctors and natural paths, and not one, could put all the puzzle pieces together. Although, I do have much respect for all of them. YOU, are the only one who has validated my findings, and have given me answers. You are so far ahead of our time (and far away) and I thank you! I spread the word as much as I can. I wish, I could become a wholesaler for your pro-biotic.

    Is it possible to undo what has been done? I’m a hair designer, within my field, I feel like human hair is changing. It looks like synthetic hair (barbie doll hair) its super shiney, the tip comes to a point (instead of splitting) tangles easily, and reflects light.
    I’ve already ordered and have the gallbladder and liver cleanse for myself, haven’t done it yet, we’re in the middle of moving and my cook book is packed, but beyond that, how do I protect my family of 8 from all the shit they’re dumping on us, and also help protect our communities and tribes? I’m trying to perfect the process where efforts and results match!

    Thank you!!

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