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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
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(Organic Monoatomic Magnesium)

Magnesium –  is involved in over 300 enzyme and 200 detox pathways in the body

Monoatomic –  complexed by humic and fulvic acid (a protein colloidal chaperone)

Bioavailable – essential mineral absorption in cell to help run body machinery

BlueManna – causes bile flow and goes after yeast; assisting, with endocrine function and detoxification;

Use, Now – as part of the Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation 14 day Nutritional Cleanse; as, an evacuative.


Life, eternal and a quest for such brings you closer to being rewarded with heaven here on Earth;

Your, physical well being really is this blessing brought today, you can compare manna hidden along with concepts of I awareness yet Heaven inside you comes from a nectar sipped inside self called manna; and this also refers to as monotomic element to be such it has to have passed through life to be called an element;

A, condiment as a food is as blue manna is of monotomic element has to have passed through life and can differ quite considerably from substance called manna that isn’t of element and does have diatomic toxic compound in it; certainly herbs as mentioned in the secrets of an alkaline body can have greater amounts of monotomic elements then others and water too; therefore

Remarkable, healing properties can be found to be associated with monotomic element found in such a medicine; this researcher has spent time in the Rockies and Colorado Mountain with initiates collecting white gold that is applied with such remarkable healing properties and in certain valleys to this present day various forms of manna similar to e-tarfah of the Arabs and on the sinanatic peninsula you can find manna-tamarisk; other forms of manna harden and resemble dew and fluids from the night, such manna can drip and drop from twigs of various species of trees and

Blue, manna that you are being acquainted with here is a natural product whole unique from other forms of Magnesium; for you should know all mineral should be in an elemental form as found in vegetation and life and such is very unusual and unique because of size, shape, and being found with it’s protein colloidal chaperone as found in its natural state which is ensimatically active; a big difference between this and a mineral from a rock

Magnesium, is the primary deficient mineral in beloved at the moment for what you have done of dead food can have robbed Magnesium from your body propetually because Magnesium is involved in 200 detox pathways and some more than 300 enzyme systems in the body, you can only have proper digestion and self cleansing and vital mitochondrial energy to have good brain function and proper nerve force

This, researcher grew up in the wilderness in Tasmania in the forest, such manna is still found in twigs, sticky and sweet, you and I live in a modern society where a lot of dead food instead has been consumed and so suddenly from a lack of proper monotomic element most adults are seriously deficient and so many vital functioning can incur for you

Encamped, high up in the mountains in Colorado the author has lived and wandered for years and accept in some few rare moments all was being furnished daily to all present at the encampment, collected to be applied in product is being given to you, hand crafted, rare

Magnesium, is rare on the Earth today for its generally only found in the top one inch of soil and such has been disturbed and also many other minerals that are involved in biological transmutation you have enough magnesium, Blue Manna is a complexed array of monotomic elements, complexed with all natural occurring rare Humix and Fulvics including the enzyme phosphoratase extremely vital in dissolving calcium phosphate deposit,

Magnesium, is involved in your blood right now having the ability to keep calcium suspended in the solution in the blood, you need calcium to run your endocrine glands, this researcher is careful in giving direction in the gathering of such element and recently in products such as LifeHydrate and Jubb’s 4NR ,white gold is an essential ingredient in such food a small amount taken instantly calms and assists the next day with your bowels begin empty and being clean more, blue manna when put into water though its a white powder will turn it brown, even though its a white powder its made up of blue and red, it’ll turn some juices red and some blue

Manna, relates to an allotment, much of the ashes collected in the product contains Mannitol and because its a natural product a natural secondary nutrient exists of all of the forrest that’s broken down into weak organic acids this is manna to the many being announced to you, we have Heaven from manna, and this is your generous gift to yourself

Mineral, deficiency can take some eight months to correct the Phosphatase and Magnesium can assist to desolve kidney stones over 8 weeks as has been observed over 40 years, too numerous an investigation exists that organic monotomic natural complexed via colloidal chaperone enzyme active element; is, necessary to relax the muscle and assist with energy production and without magnesium a muscle could’ve only remained tense and contractive, without Magnesium you don’t have proper muscle contraction and relaxation and of course no real detoxification, you’ve got to get the idea that there is a brain to gut connection and magnesium is extremely important in this, it’s needed to regulate blood sugar, trace amounts of Zinc, Potassium and other vital element is also assisted to be absorbed, Magnesium regulates such

Magnesium, assists symbiotic life colloid in your intestine that causes a tight junction fit, otherwise you’ve got leaky gut, Magnesium is essential in this proper physiology, for your vital health you need Magnesium for a proper defense field and armor in your intestinal tract; and over time proper Magnesium brought in as a condiment, as Blue Manna is, a booster for your immune system itself and assisting to decalcify calcium phosphate from tissue, including the brain, you only can have your immune system nourished if you have proper Magnesium

A, body becomes overcome with fermetnation and disbiosis comes from your cells having broken down and aggregated life colloid into disbiotic life colloid called and infection, you could’ve become ill all because Magnesium could’ve been deficent, thats a fact, your immune system to work good you need to learn about life food and apply such, blue manna can be used as a condiment several times a day, to assist health, to be given a gift that such would not ordinarily be given, Magnesium can be found in LifeFood otherwise, yet, because of habit of the past and even not all being correct you can receive an amazing git by learning and receiving the benefits of blue manna in your life

Magnesium, has got to be an involving a whole food vitamin mineral complex, if you have various conditions many health care professionals educate others about the use of Magnesium, blue manna assists with acid reflux, yet, if you took any of the synthetics on a long term basis you might seriously be deficient in Magnesium, proton pump inhibitors is always because you need Magnesium, and

Dead, food consummation and your age, state of connective tissue, and pancreas being deficent because of wrongful calcium phosphate deposit, and the absence of having consumed synthetic how your thyroid and pynial gland function; whether or not you have a sealed intestal tract or not you can show signs of kidney disease, chances are you do have a magnesuim deficenty that’s probably severe actually, the Magnesium in blue manna is invloved in a naural calmative, laxative action, relaxes the muscles of bronceals and uterus during cycle relaving eclampsia  ,

this researcher has qualitative investigative observation you can assist yourself to heal up from osteoporosis by learning how to apply LifeFood and avoid stresses and maintain proper levels of Magnesuim blue manna is necessary to help assist heal from neoplastic condition and for you to have proper regulation of blood sugar, and to have proper cardiovascular function, that you are deficent in Magnesium you would generally have inflamation markers showing such,

Inflamation, is associated with all these health conditons, your heart has to remain rythmically steady and storng you do need calcium to run your endocrine glads and for blood pressure to be normal you need Magnesium, for the funvtioning body it is crucial you have enough mineral element as Magnesisum you want your dreaming to be increased, you want to have a deeper nights rest go to and connect with a service representative


          Jubb David

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