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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
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Eclipse Action Plan:

◗ Economic, egalitarianism is of positive inductance; not, negative usury; like, can only be joined with the like; all, corps exist below beloved;

◗ Restore, constitutional currency debt free; asset-backed, and what’s put into circulation is equivalent to the beloved’s product and service; with, the new currency being applied; to, cleaning up the urgent matters on earth; new, ECLIPSE currency called alms is collected and retained by each bank; until, a working deposit is existed in the banks; as, such is reached the old note is retired; to, be reserved and directed for worldwide prosperity; a, stable currency is created in perpetuity;

◗ Restoration, of common law; government, is only enacted to protect property; to, protect children, parents, and government employees all over the earth in this moment of crisis;

◗ Common law, is the law of the land and not the law of the water; you, are to forgive and not to put a burden on another; you, are to be a mendicant; you, don’t participate in any black hat white hat conversation;

◗ ECLIPSE, is you having obtained constructive agreement; as, language between beloved is creating whole brain functioning; you, are framing things positive; while, you are outcome oriented;

◗ i, am appointing you, to be my trustee in settling this claim; you, give your estate to this state; eclipse, is a voice for the voiceless; while, eclipse jurisdiction is active wherever government corruption is existing and your property is not being protected;

A, beloved incarcerated wrongfully for no harm, injury, cost, or damage was done; no, claimant exists, and no independent third-party witness is to be released; all, void court order is voided; all, court houses to immediately sign off where constructive agreement is existing between parties; and that such is seasoned when no controversy exists between the parties

ECLIPSE, is ultimately about a moratorium; on government making new policy in banking; from, January 31st 2018 to January 21st 2019

The count, for a show of notice, to provide such to the provost martial general, or equivalent; begins October 21, 2017 and a notice is made and handed in on and within a week of January 21, 2018; one week before the total lunar eclipse begins;

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


Eclipse’s Claim…..

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