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Friday, July 19th, 2019
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Eclipse’s Claim
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Eclipse’s Claim is You and i’s Claim


This, i you know you are; is, by special appearance herein; you, and i are in a non-representative capacity; that, first what’s pressed is your mistaken identity where you are; after, Eclipse; there’s no reason for you to have to tell anybody that you’re the grantor; and, that this notice of Eclipse action plan; to, check the box yes you want reform in banking; is, to go to the principal secretary of this state; where, you are; and,


This, i you know you are; be, of this unsworn declaration; outside; any CORPS; within, the laws of the united states; for, the message is that all beloved be of an age of accountability; and, do have a writ of possession for property taken; that, your trust trumps any public fictional trust; you, and i have a declaratory judgment automatic; that, your such right not be impacted by any statute; yet, after this moment come to be of any loan that was; all, be voided after Eclipse has had it’s effect; no, voided or vacated probationary terms need be;


A, beloved is worthy of hire; you, can only join like with like; and, where it was that you and i had only been considered a creditor to an ENTITY; under, any statute; you, and i this beloved could never be held; for, any commercial reason; that, straight up has been an absolute infanticide; where’ it’s existed that you this i you know you are; only, had been as a substituted PER-SON; a, mental state of being;


You, and i anticipate checking the box yes you want reform in banking; for, this counter deed here; is, defeated of a public deed; for, all be herein of your unsworn declaredness; the, foregoing be true an correct; that, before Eclipse all that existed was a fraud of contract; made, by the state; which, is just really the company of jesus; that, everybody would’ve been just an agency and a trustee to that; private, owned reason; and, all you and i would’ve been before Eclipse; was, as a custodian only; to, this vessel; you, are the grantor of;




It’s, your belief merely; that, harm is being done by the present system; and, it be by writ of your and my possession; that, property you and i have a right to be returned; after, Eclipse has had it’s effect; all, beloved of all religions; of, all creed; are, as beads on the one string; this, string Eclipse eclipses now; to, a time after eclipse has had it’s effect; you, and i are of a writ already of possession; and, a verifiable vote be counted and handed in; to, the provost marshal or equivalent;


It, is this claim of a common law court of record trial by jury process; where, you’re checking the box yes you want reform in banking; and, you and i are ratifying this accepted appointment; you’d, agree to note that contractor intrusion; has, existed; yet, via Eclipse’s action plan; you, no longer need to have any fixedness with the secretary of state; to, have a wall between yourself and any entity;


For, this i you know you are; is, from this sun that is rising in the west; that, this company of jesus; here’s, how this rainbow prophecy of turtle island; is, as you and i are all equally creditor and beneficiary; and, it be by your verifiable check the box yes you want reform in banking; that, no need be existed of any more re-pre-sentedness; of, the old de-zion; having, been perpetrated and needing to be stopped; for, consolidation of currency is existed; after, Eclipse has had it’s effect;


A, custodial parent; and, having been of some estate that was only probated as a vessel; could, not automatically ever be given by assumption to any court of fiction; such, a declaratory condition of ethic; in, reality trumps any claimed certificate; for, that matrix was only fiction; before, Eclipse has had it’s effect;


The, matrix produced an instrument; where, you and i were only found as an infant; of, an estate probated; this, to you is a counter deed; given, to you as an agent where you are; that, you before Eclipse found by intrusion a child; to, only have been a ward of the state; is, unethical; and, that after Eclipse; that, be corrected; this, be the record; all, needing to be made now; into, this court of i;


You, could never be ever known as an infant; of, unknown parentage; after, this fact; no, benefit was of any loan; under, negative economic inductedness; for, this action that Eclipse is about; is, of yours and my private deed; under, sealed; destroying, any public deed of fiction; in, common law;




This, is this sun that is arisen in the west; coming, forward offering to you this which is real; and, non-local; that, whatever bond you and i have had; is, pledged as security; you’d, have to say has been fraudulently had; and, you can’t say you haven’t existed from an unjust enrichedness; for, i’m asking you; am, i equal to you? i, am wrapped in a blanket not my own; in, the winter desert cold; i’d, do that to embarrass you;


Let, this claim be the government instrument; governing, all organized; for, this is the possession you have as evidence of a chain of command; and, custody of accountableness; Eclipse, takes place as said in the heavens; and, the rainbow prophecy is fulfilled;


You, know no public order be essential; to, ensure my daily life; and, no agreement up to this point; with, you as service provider; ever, gave any maximizedness; of, any mutual benefit; only, all can have been remained; you, know it; of, a condition not of peace; that, all be stood aggrieved; that, you would’ve let ninety nine combatants out of one hundred die; this, is my son; you, give back this father’s son here in heaven; this, father is alive; of, warmth and blood; and, not a decedent; ye, be of no lien in any trusteeship; of, neediness of any enforcedness; such, would be bridged; you’ve not joined like with like;


You, agree to note; this, i you know you are is of reversionary consolidated interest; with, the CORPS you’ve made; and, any interferedness ongoing with this i; you’d, know is fraudulent; and, you’d be doing that of your own accord; not, in the company of jesus; so, after the fact that you don’t have immunity; because,


This, is the most important room; check, it out; i, wanted to make sure i only mentioned it once; i, don’t want to wear any backs on my shoes; don’t, tell me i’m not the holder of this organization; as, you know you are this i; and, when this be organized; as, a governing instrument; as, Eclipse be in the heavens for you; all, be asked to have followed this water pourer;


After, Eclipse; parens patrine; meaning, government as parent; is, not existed anymore; why? because, you and i are living in a land of the self-governed; you, eclipse the manipulated bankruptcy; and, papered bond; of, empty equity; as, negative economic inducted sin; and, after Eclipse; constitutional, currency and common law is supported; of, this du jour right of legal establishedness; of, a land of self-governed; in, a Federation of United Nations; and, this is real; all, the law of the nation be under natural law;


Any, actedness of yours and mine; isn’t, of any harm to another; yet, this be a right you and i can agree to note; don’t, tell me that in this moment being in the company of jesus; usufructing, hasn’t been going on; that, has stopped natural law hasn’t it? and, that’s been an infanticide hasn’t it? and, also unethical isn’t it?


Ye, be after Eclipse all be of a right; given, you exclusive; of, what is your property; to, be applied in perpetuity; where, currency is created from asset backedness; and, is positively inducted to assist all live life more abundantly; from, here on after;


Love, jubb david



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