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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
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Jubb’s Euphoria

Hormone and Neurotransmitter Vitality

“will revive a half dead horse”


Vitalize neurotransmitter increasing your ability to get things done

Improve mood and maintain euphoric feeling with increased serotonin; gastrin; and secretin

Energize body by enhancing libido and endocrine function with natural aphrodisiac 

Optimize pheromone production and receptivity; engaging sexual attractant

Balance hormonal system while blocking strange xenoestrogen

Rejuvenate body’s hypothalamic; pituitary; and, adrenal metabolism

Reduce inflammation and oxidation with powerful adaptogenic phytonutrient





Biochemical, pheromone is at this moment in time; acting, outside your body; causing, the internal milieu to be changed; such, engages a moiety of a horizontal transfer of information; such, perception engaged by molecule is a intelligence you and I have of quorum sensing; and, an organ called the vomeronasal senses sexual pheromone being released; and, phytonutrient is known to activate such molecules engaging quorum sensing; and, the magnetic appeal beloved have connected to each; pheromone, which is exciting and chemically magnetizing; therefore; you, can see how   

Pheromone, and quorum sensing molecule; as, found in Jubb’s euphoria formula; engages, sexual attractant; to, influence libido and behavior that is about phenomenon; which, takes place over time to have come to have become enacted; such, an aggregate of pheromone acts as an attractant in courting behavior; while, memory pheromone trigger routing and nursing behavior; this, primer pheromone is engaged in triggering developmental changes; for, instance

Quorum, sensing molecule as found in Jubb’s Euphoria; have, calming and appeasement pheromone stimulant; such, as an androstenol; androsterone; and, androstenone are examples of active pheromone; for, Jubb’s Euphoria has this steroidal and hormone like compound that can be absorbed right across the mucus membrane; such, is combined with a technology called sphingosine and ceramide; The, body’s production of pheromone; is, scientifically shown to be enhanced via phytonutrient stimulating and vitalizing neurotransmitter and hormone balance; its, well known that coupling is a pheromone that’s released from clitoral stimulation; and, acetic acid is also generally emitted when the vagina is in an erect state; so, as generally discussed in scientific literature

Ovulation, is more observed during such time when the vagina is increased of engorged erectile tissue; and, scientific evidence shows wetness and characteristics of such are indicators of sexual receptivity; so, as discussed here; certain, phytonutrient found in Jubb’s Euphoria have been shown scientifically to enhance libido and vitality; consequently, wetness and flow for the female comes from the skenner gland which is similar to his prostate; and, such is shown to be actively more increased; via, certain aphrodisiacs applied as phytonutrient shown to improve blood flow; and, throughout centuries such nutrient has been applied to increase sex drive while boosting libido; so, as is clearly seen

Numerous, phytonutrient such as citrulline for instance; is, scientifically proven to be beneficial to immune and cardiovascular functioning; this, phytonutrient is shown to relax blood vessel; increasing, pressure and elasticity while boosting libido and increasing testosterone content of the blood; scientific, observation has proven that serotonin; gastrin; secretin; and, anandamide increase feelings of euphoria during sexual arousal; also, in parallel as an observation; is, the importance of magnesium; zinc and phytonutrient in vitalising steroidal complexes in your blood; and, to block all strange xenoestrogens and high levels of estradiol  

Phytonutrient, in Jubb’s Euphoria is shown to assist heal up classic condition of dysregulation of monoamine like serotonin and norepinephrine; such, nutrient is shown to contribute in reducing depression; and cognitive emotional and physical pathogenesis; for, this engages multiple systems involving oxidation and inflammation; and, such nutrients found in Jubb’s Euphoria are powerful antioxidant and antiinflammatory; your, bio terrain is vitalized via Jubb’s Euphoria phytonutrients; for, rejuvenation requires hypothalamic; pituitary; and, adrenal metabolic access; Jubb’s, Euphoria formula works in this regard alongside of proper lifefood nutrition; and, other health sustaining habit; for, healthy behavioral increase awareness; including  

Sexual, desire involving incurrence of heightened feeling of sensation; as, libido is existing; heightened sensation is you having a certain vitalness in performance; and, since time immemorial; sexual enhancing arousal nutrient has been looked into; compounds, found in Jubb’s Euphoria are some of the most proven phytonutrient and enhancers of libido; blood, flow is increased to functional erectile tissue; and, a greater control over sensual expression; reduces, for him and her premature orgasm; and, reduces time needed to be taken between orgasm; called, detumescence; for, as you can see such fundamental phytonutrient in Jubb’s Euphoria formula is key in strengthening pelvic muscle contractions in orgasm; and, in increasing the body’s effect of such; so, obviously

Libido, enhancement requires serotonin and dopamine; and, also acetylcholine to be sufficient; for, without such modulation of the septal region; orgasm, has been impossible; and, it is known that strange xenoestrogen can have reeked havoc on both males and females libido; element, in Jubb’s Euphoria is designed to reduce and neutralize such xenoestrogens; including, such high levels of estradiol; Jubb’s Euphoria is designed to assist you balance hormone and neurotransmitter homeostasis within the body

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