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Friday, July 19th, 2019
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In, ALMing eclipse; the, ALM; is, a currency all beloved inherent for parent child heaven trust; as, a covenant; shared, between beloved as a blockchain as a public ledger; this, currency you ALM is a coin to be minted; yet, at an eternal virtual field within your eye; so, obviously;

You, are given an account to become your own bank of this currency; trust; and the ALM raised as water carried by you; again, you being a bank of this great river; you, have what is liquid; you, are bailed out; for, the high tide mark; is, being brought back to the shoreline; for, all beloved can live this way to the sun rising in the west; so, rain is in an apparent child trinity of i; for, it’s this little i who is inheriting in ALMing this eclipse movement;

The ten Planks of Economic Egalitarianism action plan

  1. Reclamation, of property; currency, and common law right;
  2. Rid, all tax and bank charges;
  3. A standard of living given you; all, get rid of boarders; where, you are left alone and not socially engineered;
  4. Currency, is owned by all as an ALM set in perpetuity and positively inducted to establish a social condition; where, integration is back into nature;
  5. Decentralization, of currency as a public ledger is brought back with .now that rids all of a centralized monopoly that has existed once and for all time;
  6. Centralization, of the web to create a .now for communication; free, of commercial and profit; and, based upon an office of trust where support is for verifiableness; and, a transparency brought back to the covenant; as, a block chain shared between beloved;
  7. The, extension of a public ledger where all is equal to an atomic hour; and, is put into supply equal to what is in demand; and, the ALM owned by all in value;
  8. Reclamation, of a right to inherent land back again to pass on for generations in the establishment of family; in, a child’s right to parents; and, parent child heaven being more a natural order than a lesser conditioning;
  9. Time, becomes equal to your creativity of what is owned as all in the present system;
  10. To, establish a public ledger based upon trust and common law; all, own the growth of the currency; such, an ALM is positively economically inducted to apply clean energy;
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