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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
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Lifehouse Sustainable Communities
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Lifehouse: Subterranean Integrated Natural Architecture

Lifehouse, is a luxurious abode that applies nature as a garden inside and outside of itself; you, can be living in quiet; looking, out at a vista of natural landscape from every window; mostly, what you will see; domes, coming out of the earth and swales where windows are set; each, home has a beautiful kitchen and entertainment space; refrigeration, oven and stove top and bathroom suite; with, guest bathroom included; a, Lifehouse design has a patio and balcony; fireplace, and out of site car parking; luxury home talked about herein; have, hot tub, sauna and steam room; can, be conceptualized with the facade of a conventional home; therefore,

Lifehouse, is today’s INNOVATION; as, you can have been not satisfied with yesterday’s solution; this, is you we are talking about; you, are observed living simply where the lifehouse construction owns it’s own healed scar (no scarring of the landscape and providing an abode for all of nature); this, brings nature back: and, in a Lifehouse food is grown; and fuel, energy, and rainwater is conserved;


Lifehouse, talked about herein is ENERGY EFFICIENT; such, is observed seventy two star rated; draws, upon the Earth’s thermal mass and delivers this without pipes and expensive wiring; meaning, you are off the grid; Lifehouse, applies terrestrial combined with solar energy; and, is designed as a plasma generator; and, so

Lifehouse, is seen to be constructed of LIFECERAMIC MATERIAL and not hydraulic cement; such, supports longer life (radiating energy back into your body rather than away); the, lifeceramic construction has a high insulated value because of aeration; as, discussed herein aeration provides closed air space; and, dense material provides conduction and holds thermal mass; primarily, Lifehouse is constructed from materials that can be found from the site; and, is waterproof, fireproof and earthquake resistant; therefore,

Future, for you is now – no fossil fuel is required; Lifehouse, smashes all sustainable design concepts and applies CONDUCTION CONVECTION pressure and magnetic differential; to, ventilate, cool, heat and insulate by applying thermal mass; a, Lifehouse is adapted to the external environment; and, your need to fit into what is sustainable; for, instance water is held close by and made use of – not piped in where it doesn’t have to be; therefore, no middle person exists between you and your abode;

unnamed-5Subterranean, means under the earth’s surface; seasonal, thermal energy storage where both heat and cold is stored for use over several months; and, EARTH THERMAL BANK is applied to achieve such inner LifeHouse Design; heat, moves very slowly in the ground; and, can be insulated; and, air and natural magno temperature and pressure differentials can apply air and water that is being used efficiently to transfer heat and cold upon demand;

Dark, surfaces absorb heat and such can be applied in a thermal bank that can double the heat; and, such thermal banks can be applied to reduce all temperature by more than half of what it might normally be; and, such can be applied in the winter; and cool the Life House in the summer: such, can be MAINTAINED AT 68 DEGREES ; and, ground source heat pumps are applied as geo thermal exchange reservoirs; heat, from the summer is circulated into cooler earth; and, in the winter it is pulled from to heat a Lifehouse; and all is circulated passive WITHOUT PUMP NEEDED; just pressure magnetic and temperature differential.

Lifehouse, design is facing South of the Northern hemisphere; is buried and covered over with natural earth and landscape and is below the outer frost layer; thereby, disappearing the usual eyesore and creating abodes that are aesthetically fitting into nature. The ground; a constant 58 degrees, is found to cool and stabilize and MODULATES TEMPERATURE EXTREMES. A Lifehouse has permafrost glass windows that are of noble gas mixture in its cavity space between the glass panes that stops moisture forming; it darkens up in the day, and lightens up at night, letting sunlight in during the day and starlight from the heavens at night.

unnamed-1Thermostat, is set up in the roof-ceiling ridge line that directs the heat/cold bank as needed; and, in a LifeHouse earth is applied as a thermal mass under a slab of ceramic; such earth-sand is kept insulated, dry and aerated below by NATURAL THERMAL VENTILATION. LifeHouse applies a passive air source heat pump; that, has a natural flow in it’s design to stabilize temperature by heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. and such energy is stored to be available to provide a future bank of energy; a savings account is present here as you are living in harmony with the natural circadian cycle and seasons;

This, researcher has been educated all about lifehouse design ever since meeting a pharaoh’s architect; who, explained the open thermal convection driven system as it can be applied to any home; at ,the moment we are having ongoing investigation into the use of soil where the abode is built; and, applying such to make lifeceramic; which, is talked about in other works; such, as the “Path of Hollow Bones” books you can download and read from this site; and, evermore detailed explanation of this concept can be got by calling jonathan (red dog) at 541-254-4481;

So, a lifehouse is really storing warmth in a bank of soil that then is released in winter; because, it then is able to radiate back into the house; stay tuned for more information coming up……



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