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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
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 Lifefood surfactant  made with White Gold

 Whole food vitamin-mineral complex

Repair and maintain DNA

Adaptogenic formula brings body into balance

 Improve structure of filter, tap, and bottle water to achieve hydration

Includes:  aspen bark, gonaderma, polypor, juniper berry and bear root.


LifeHydrate is a Membrane Permeability Surfactant Enhancement Nutrient 

[an excerpt from a section of a work on lifehydrate] 

by:jubb david


Membrane, permeability surfactant enhancement as lifehydrate is; structures, water; and, is modelled upon body surfactant; that, is keeping your blood structured; and, at a healthy dyne level; surface, tension is at a much further reduced level of (48.693); for, tap water is of a higher surface tension and is observed to be about seventy-two dyne; blood, has to be itself at a much lower surface tension than tap water; and, lifehydrate reduces the surface tension of tap water to what it would be like if regular water is at a boiling point; and, so at a lower surface tension water can draw nutrient element into itself; and, so can blood be seen to absorb nutrient into itself; it’s, surface tension is reduced;and, therefore

Nature, via high mountain trees combines carbon into nine carbon atom molecule; and, such is a very peculiar thing; the, number nine; for, up to this number such is of its own phase conjugated resonance; and, is of a vital length; and, also further that as it is charged north negatively; assists, cellular membrane hydrate itself; which, is the story of this work; such, a molecule is as N-Acetyl Neuraminic Acid; as, found in breastmilk; such, has become noted as a blood borne inhibitor present that keep dysbiotic lifecolloid at bay; you, can read more about such in jubbs cell rejuvenation; and, therefore

Glacial, milk melt it is talked about; has, such powerful surfactant observed; such, is made up of monatomic nutrient that is deeply south positive charged inside itself; it, holds an enormous amount of north negative charge around itself; and, appears as a north negative to us; and, so when you look into nature

Resin, from trees deposit in the water; very, specific magnetic property of the rock imparts it’s energetic specific magnetic of north south; and, neutral magneton; as, such is present work can get done; such a medium is made to have an enormous cache of unpaired potential north negative charge; and, such is as a movement; from, north to south; such, magneton movement is applied in colloidal biology to get work done


jubb, david

JubbLongevity SS

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