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Friday, August 23rd, 2019
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4NR 166 USD
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LifeHydrate  (Full Article here)

– Hydrate whole body increasing luster and elasticity of skin

– Reduce surface tention of water; and, molecular agragate size while raising p.H

– Repair and maintain DNA and optimise neurotransmission in the brain

– Provide protection for your teeth and increase bone strength

– Contains as discussed; the most powerful anti-oxidant in nature, monatomic hydrogen

– Natural membrane permebility surfactant enhancement; vitalises, gastrointestinal tract; lung, and kidney function by increasing slipperiness and wetness

– Allow blood to flow smoothly and increase Gibbs free energy;

– Assist with renal, cardiovascular and pulminary anti-inflammatory healing process



4NR   (Full Article here)

– Lifefood natural pacifarin (heal disbiosys) clear away mold, fungus and yeast from the body

– Natural analgesic (pain relief) effect

– Reduce inflammation of the brain acting as a natural nootropic

– Improves circulation and deepens the hearts pulse (improved heart health)

– Reduces anxiety


Blue Manna  (full article here)

– Increase brain and nerve energy via Monoatomic Magnesium made with White Gold

– Vital in cognitive function and managing emotion as clinically and empirically observed

– Detox via over two hundred different enzymatic pathways (which require magnesium)

– Harmonize and maintain brain hemispheres to increase alpha and beta brainwave

– Improve overall amplitude of magnicity in the body

– Optimize calcium absorption and keep calcium suspended in the blood

– Increase endocrine function via potentiated bioavailability of magnesium

– Humic and fulvic complexed with protein colloidal chaperone (enzymatically linked nutrient)

– Provide nutrient for proper oxygenation of the body and relief from cramp

– Restore proper cardiovascular function and decrease inflammation; reducing, joint pain

– Regulate blood sugar and assist decalcification of calcium phosphate

– Dissolve stone (kidney, gallbladder, pancreas); includes: natural phosphatase; and, other stone dissipating enzyme



Flora Grow (Full Article here)

– Probiotic (aerobic and anaerobic lifecolloid) condiment

– Reduce intestinal surface tension & observe increased nutrient absorption

– Assist the process of healing Celiac disease

– Repair leaky gut syndrome

– Promote muscle growth

– Increase burning potential of fat

– Cause brain nutrient to arise in the intestinal tract




(Full Article here)

– Take as an Appetite Suppressant

– Stabilize and Enhance Mood During Cleansing

– Enjoy having the effect of appetite suppressant

– Soothe stomach pain and indigestion (manage gas, bloating nausea and indigestion)

– Have a better stool constitution

-Provides rare earth element for membrane quorum sensing, (i.e. lanthanide)






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